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Rocky Mtn. Shoot Out (Update No. 4)

By Steve Mitchell - May 13, 2018

Recent Questions and Answers on the Shootout:
1. Is there still a limit on the number of Teams that can enter the Shootout?
    Answer: There are 4 shooters per Team and there is no longer a limit on the number of State
    Teams that may enter the competitions.  Teams are comprised of Compound shooters or
    Traditional shooters, so there are two separate competitions, each with an 80% payback.
2. We know where the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain State Park is; can we drive from the Visitor
    Center to the archery ranges staying within the Park ? 
     Answer: No. From the Visitor Center you must return to SH 115 and turn right (south) on to 115
     and drive about a mile to the next stop light at Pine Oaks Road.  Ft. Carson's Gate 5 is on your
     left.  Turn right on to Pine Oaks Road and the archery range parking lot is immediately on your
    right.  Registration for the Inaugural Rocky Mountain Shootout will be a couple hundred feet west
    of the parking lot.  You will receive a parking pass for your car when you register for the Shootout.
Sammy says "Hello"  and that he has recovered from his "long winter's nap" and is gaining his weight
back with lots of fresh spring buds to eat.  He is anxious to welcome you to a fun filled archery weekend to help celebrate Memorial Day!