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November / December CBA Magazine

CBA Membership Services

CBA Membership,

Attached is the link to the online November / December CBA magazine.

Digital Edition Direct URL:

In addition, I am attaching a reminder about the upcoming CBA Board Meeting.

We are holding our all-day board meeting at CPW in Denver on Saturday December 5th.

Byron Dean and Gerald Rasmussen are stepping down this year.  Also, JR Garcia, and Ben Allen are stepping down.

We need new board members.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Bring a friend and hopefully some will be interested in volunteering for one of the several open positions.  The health and wellbeing of the CBA depend on our membership and their generous volunteering.

Positions open or coming open are: Chairman, Vice Chair of Operations, Business Member/Advertising Director, Denver Metro East, and Denver Metro West.

If you are unable to attend the board meeting on December 5th and are interested in volunteering you may contact Gerald Rasmussen via email at, or by phone at 970-324-5416.

Thank you all for your consideration, past and future contributions.

Dave Stone

CBA Membership Director