Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Bowhunting Seasons:

The CBA will promote seasons and season structures that strengthen and enhance the opportunities for bowhunting with the hand held, hand drawn bow and actively oppose seasons and season structures that diminish or degrade those opportunities without evidence of overriding wildlife management goals.

Legal Bowhunting Equipment:

The CBA will develop and promote bowhunting regulations with thresholds that limit hunters to using only the hand held, hand drawn bow and that emphasize archery and bowhunting skills.


The CBA categorically rejects crossbow technology as being legal archery equipment for use during any archery season in Colorado, and will actively oppose the use of crossbows or implementation of crossbow seasons under any circumstance, where such use will diminish or degrade the bowhunting experience, opportunity and/or quality with the hand held, hand drawn bow.

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