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  Pro-Am 3D Archery Competition                In Cheyenne Mountain State Park    
May 26 - 28, 2018 - Memorial Weekend     Five miles south of down town Colorado Springs
Featuring (8) Classes of shooters                
Plus State Team competition with
80% payback for Pro Class and                
Team competition.  
          A “Partners in the Outdoors” Event by Colorado Parks & Wildlife
                                and the Colorado Bowhunters Association

Cheyenne Mtn. overlooks the most exciting archery ranges in the Rockies.
Shooting Classes:
 Class Registration Fee  Archery Limitations
1. Open Pro  Men/Women $100. 80% payback SWYB    290fps + 3%
2. Senior 60+ Men/Women $40.  SWYB    280fps +3%
3. Open Adult  Men/Women   $40. $40.    SWYB    280fps +3%
4. Bowhunter  Men/Women   $40.     $40.   Fixed Pins 280fps +3%

3D targets for the above classes will be at unmarked distances up to 60 yds.  No range finders  permitted.  A “Marked Distance” shooting class will be an option for shooters in classes 2, 3 & 4 above.  See Note #4 below 
5. Traditional Men/Women   $40    unaided, tab/glove ok
Max. target distance 30 yds
6. Youth    Boys/girls 13-17yrs $15  SWYB        250fps +3%
7. Kids       Boys/girls   7-12 yrs.  Free     Free SWYB

1. Targets will be shot by groups of 3 or 4 shooters per group; members will be in the same shooting Class; groups will be assembled at the time of registration.  Arrow speed will be verified via a chronograph at the time of registration.
2. Adult shooting will begin at 8:30 am both Saturday & Sunday; 25 targets will be
shot each day on two different ranges. (50 different shots total)  Score sheets will be signed by each member of the group, validating the scores, and turned in each day at the Registration table.  Winners will be determined and announced Sunday afternoon followed by the awards presentations.  The Pro classes will receive 80% of each (men & women) registration totals; winners 50%; 30% to seconds, 20% to thirds.  Other Classes will receive first, second & third place plaques.
3. Youth and Kids Classes will shoot 20 3D targets on Monday am between 9 & noon. First, Second & third place plaques will be awarded as soon as they can be determined.  What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day for both the young archers and their parents !


                                 3D's to make your heart pound!

4. The Rocky Mountain Shootout competition is going to include a special compensation to those adult archers who have difficulty estimating 3D target distances.  On both Saturday & Sunday, after the regular shooting classes have been completed, each target will be flagged at the shooting stake, the distance to the target.  Adult shooters at the time they register, who want to shoot “known distances” will have their score sheets marked KD i.e. Class 4 KD.  The KD Classes will be scored separately with separate awards during the Sunday presentations.
5.  The past couple of years more and more” out of state ‘ers” have come to visit the Cheyenne Mountain State Park, particularly the archery ranges, specially from Kansas, Nebraska & New Mexico.  The Colorado Bowhunters Association has decided to make a special invitation to archers from these states plus Wyoming and Utah to participate in the Rocky Mountain Shootout, Memorial weekend, May 2018.  To compete as individuals and possibly as a member of a “State Team”. See explanation below.  Bring the whole family.  Youth and Kids 3D shooting competitions are scheduled for Monday AM as a special way to conclude the Shootout and Memorial weekend.

6.  To expand the excitement of this 3D archery competition, the Rocky Mountain Shootout is offering a State Team competition.  Each team is to be composed of  four shooters; all must be from the same state; NM, KS, NE,WY,UT.  There is a five team limit per state.  The registration fee is $20 per team.  Members must be identified and the team fee paid Saturday am when individuals register for the shoot.  Sunday pm, when the adult shooting is complete (Known Distance Class shooters are excluded from the team competition),  the individual scores will be added together by team and the winning team will be announced.  The winning team members will receive 80% of the total teams registration funds plus a Rocky Mountain Shootout Team trophy.

                3D’s  to condition you for the 2018 hunting season!

7. If you are wondering if this archery competition is sufficient family activity for a three day weekend, there is more fun and excitement available !  Cheyenne Mountain State Park comprises some 2,700 acres with 22 miles of hiking & biking trails plus 6 miles of horseback trails with wildlife viewing throughout the Park.  When you are not shooting your bow under the Ponderosa and Douglas fir, the other outdoor activities await you, all just five miles south of beautiful Colorado Springs.

8.  Come and join the excitement and challenge of the Rocky Mountain Shootout, 3D archery in a Colorado setting!  Ample accommodations are available.  Leave    I-25 at Exit #138 and seven hotels are within ½ mile: Hotel Elegante’, Double Tree by Hilton, Fairfield Inn & Suites, LaQuinta, Hampton Inn & Suites, Residence Inn, and Courtyard ; all are only 15 minutes driving time to the Park archery ranges.  Full service camp sites are available in the Park, but they fill up quickly in the spring and summer. Call and make your reservations early,  719-576-2016.

The Colorado Bowhunters Association & the Colorado Parks & Wildlife are looking forward to welcoming you and your family to enjoy an active, outdoor 3- day weekend in our beautiful state.  Whether you live in Colorado or one of the surrounding states, don’t miss this excitement of 3D archery shooting;  archery at its best!

Watch our website for bi-monthly updates on The Rocky Mountain Shootout.