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Colorado Bowhunters Association Annual Banquet and Jamboree - CANCELLED for 2020

By Dave Stone

Dear CBA Members,
On May 1 the CBA Board of Directors met for their regular May Board Meeting.  At that time, the Board decided to cancel the 2020 Jamboree due to COVID-19 concerns.  The Board was concerned mainly about the health and safety of our members, along with other issues such as obtaining the necessary permits from the county.  We will plan on having our 2021 Jamboree at the same location next year.
In addition, the Board of Directors has decided to wait until March, 2021 to have our next Awards Banquet in Colorado Springs.  We will present this and next year’s awards at that Banquet. Thank you all for your understanding during this difficult time.  I wish good health for you and your families.
Mike Yeary