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Who We Are:


The CBA was originally formed in 1969 by a small but highly passionate and dedicated group of bowhunters. Their goal was simple: Try to establish equitable big game seasons just for bowhunters. Through their efforts, modest but improved opportunities began to be established with the cooperation of the Division of Wildlife (DOW), the Colorado Wildlife Commission (CWC), and the state legislature. From those humble beginnings, the CBA has grown to become the recognized voice for bowhunters in Colorado.

The CBA is first and foremost a bowhunting organization; comprised of dedicated and ethical bowhunters. Colorado archers enjoy a liberal hunting season highlighted by the fact that we have 10 big game species in addition to numerous small game hunting opportunities. But the CBA is also an organization dedicated to the fulfillment of family values and camaraderie amongst its members. To that end, the CBA hosts several family-oriented events such as its annual Jamboree, Awards Banquet, and 3-D shoots around the state. We provide state-affiliated Bowhunter Education classes, college scholarships, and volunteer assistance to public television and various youth programs. Our Colorado Bowhunter news- magazine is recognized for its quality of content and informative articles. Our Website provides members and non-mem bers alike critical information on a variety of topics, a forum for open discussion, and a new medium for finding essential information in this electronic age.



The Colorado Bowhunters Association proudly accepts the mission:

  • to encourage and perpetuate the sport of bowhunting for all legal game
  • to protect, improve and increase the opportunities for hunting with the hand-held, hand-drawn bow
  • to cooperate with and support federal and state agencies, sportsmen's’ associations, and conservation organizations, which are ensuring the propagation and preservation of game and its natural habitat
  • to encourage and conduct educational programs designed to acquaint the public and the archer with the safe and ethical use of the bow for hunting and bowhunting as an effective method of hunting legal game
  • to foster unity and perpetuate the spirit of good fellowship among bowhunters

What We Do

Since 1969 the Colorado Bowhunters Association has:

  • provided a state bowhunting association comprised of dedicated, ethical bowhunters;
  • became the only recognized voice for bowhunting in Colorado;
  • been recognized by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Wildlife Commission and the state legislature;
  • been an organization that preserves your hunting seasons and negotiates season structures and license/permit numbers;
  • hired a lobbyist to keep a watchful eye on issues at the Colorado capitol;
  • created the concept of the “Network” to oppose animal-rights and anti-hunting elements in Colorado;
  • promoted Bowhunter Education for all bowhunters;
  • provided a wealth of information and bowhunting insurance through membership dues;
  • provided six information-packed “Colorado Bowhunter” newsmagazines per year to members;
  • sponsored pro-bowhunting Channel 12 programming in Denver;
  • participated in the Colorado Division of Wildlife Landowner Recognition Program;
  • actively pursued a state constitution giving sportsmen the right to hunt and fish

Why Advertise in The Colorado Bowhunter  Magazine:

  • Low advertisement-to-article ratio
  • Low rates
  • Color and black & white options
  • Exposure to a diverse group of bowhunters who use both traditional and modern equipment
  • Distribution of 2500+  bi monthly issues to dedicated bowhunters
  • Selective bowhunting-related advertisements
  • Contributing articles written by some of the nation’s most successful bowhunters
  • One of the most-complimented magazines among all bowhunting organizations in the nation
  • Target audience includes 40,000-plus resident and non-resident bowhunters in Colorado each year
Editorial Calendar (subject to change)

Delivery Dates are approximate and are the best estimate of when members will receive their subscription copies. Actual dates may vary depending on freight schedules, event schedules and event results.

  • January/February (Bowhunter of the Year nomination)
    Ad close: November 20
    Delivery date: December 28
    Contributor article #1; Bowhunter of the Year nomination; Contributor article #2; DOW Report; Legislative Report; Contributor article #3; Contributor article #4
  • March/April (Awards Banquet) Ad close: January 20
    Delivery date: February 28
    Contributor article #1; Annual Awards Banquet registration, event schedule; Contributor article #2; DOW Report; Legislative Report; Contributor article #3; Contributor article #4; spring 3-D events schedule
  • May/June (Awards Banquet Recap) Ad close: March 20
    Delivery date: April 28
    Contributor article #1; Awards Banquet results, photos, recap; Jamboree registration, event schedule; Contributor article #2; DOW Report; Legislative Report; Contributor article #3; Area Rep Meetings, Bowhunter Education; Contributor article #4
  • July/August (Jamboree) Ad close: May 20
    Delivery date: June 28
    Contributor article #1; Jamboree registration, event schedule; Contributor article #2; DOW Report;
    Legislative Report; Contributor article #3; Surveys, membership news, Contributor article #4
  • September/October (Jamboree Recap) Ad close: July 20
    Delivery date: August 28
    Contributor article #1; Awards Banquet results, photos, recap; Jamboree registration, event schedule; Contributor article #2; DOW Report; Legislative Report; Contributor article #3; Area Rep Meetings, Bowhunter Education; Contributor article #4
  • November/December (Hunter Success) Ad close: September 2
    Delivery date: October 28
    Contributor article #1; Hunter success, photos, recap; Summer Events recap; Contributor article #2; DOW Report; Legislative Report; Contributor article #3; Bowhunter Education Report; Contributor article #4
    Special Edition Hunt Guide Ad close: TBD
    Delivery date: TBD


General Rates


    1 Issue               3 Issues

                       Full Year ( 6 Issues )

Full Color

Full Page

   $ 800.00

                        $ 3000.00

1/2 Page

   $ 600.00

                        $ 2,400.00

1/4 Page

   $ 300.00

                        $ 1,500.00

Black & White

Full Page

   $ 600.00

                        $ 2,400.00

1/2 Page

   $ 400.00

                        $ 1,600.00

1/3 Page

   $ 300.00

                        $ 1,200.00

1/4 Page

   $ 200.00

                        $    800.00

Business Card

   $ 100.00    $250.00 Plus Membership

                        $    450.00 Plus Membership


Closing Dates






Jan 20th


July 20th


Mar 20th


Sept 20th


May 20th


Nov 20th


Note: CBA will not be liable for copy changes received after closing date. For any insert, a sample should be submitted one week before closing for bindery evaluation.


Shipping Instructions:

Advertising materials: Send ad material and proofs to:
Gerald Rasmussen
c/o Colorado Bowhunters Association 
310 S 1st Avenue
Ault, Colorado   80610
Phone:  970-834-2937   Home
Phone:  970-324-5416   Cell


Special Units

Information and rates are available upon request for gatefolds, non-standard unit sizes, inserts, insert cards, and booklets. Insert cards must be accompanied by at least one full page of advertising.



Frequency Discounts: Discounts are determined by the total number of insertions used during a contract year.

Application of Discounts: Insertions of different rate classifications may not be combined for discounts. Special inserts contribute to discounts on a prorated basis, but do not earn discounts.

Web Site Advertising:

Business Card size ads are $150 per 6 months or $250 per year. Ads are up to 200w x400h pixels
For information on advertising on our website, contact the following:

Gerald Rasmussen
c/o Colorado Bowhunters Association 
310 S 1st Avenue
Ault, Colorado   80610
Phone:  970-834-2937   Home
Phone:  970-324-5416   Cell


Contract and Copy Reulations

a)    Contracts must be bona fide and must specify a contract year with the number of insertions to be used. Two or more advertisers are not permitted to use space under the same contract.

b)    The CBA (Colorado Bowhunting Association) reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency liable for such monies that are due and payable to the organization.

c)    All advertising orders and contracts, upon acceptance, shall be deemed accepted in the State of Colorado.

d)    The CBA reserves the right at any time and for any reason to decline any advertising copy and to cease further publication of any advertising without rate penalty to the advertiser.

e)    The CBA shall in no event be liable for failure to publish advertising when specified by the advertiser, provided that no advertising is published any payments received by the CBA shall be refunded.

f)    The CBA’s liability for any error shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied.

g)    All advertisements are accepted and published by the CBA on the representation that the advertiser and/or advertising agency are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is understood that the advertiser and/or advertising agency will indemnify and hold the CBA harmless from and against any loss, expense, or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of the publication of such advertisement.

h)    The CBA accepts no liability for errors in key numbers or source codes.

i)    The CBA will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instructions which conflict with provisions of this rate card.

j)    All instructions regarding contracts or insertions must be in writing.

k)    The word “advertisement” will be placed with copy which in the CBA’s opinion resembles editorial matter.

l)    All contest or sweepstakes ad copy must be submitted for approval two weeks before closing date.

m)    The CBA will not assume responsibility for color, fonts, or graphics reproduction without a postscript color matchprint.


Mechanical Requirements

Printing: Web offset    •    Binding: Saddle Stitching Trim Size: 8.5”w x 10.875”h (210mm x 276mm)  Live Area: 1/2” (12.7mm) in from edge  Bleed area: Add 1/8” (3mm) to edge for all bleed ads

Unit sizes:

Inches (w x h)

mm (w x h)

Full Color

Full / Bleed

8.750” x 11.125”

222 x 283


7.375” x 9.875”

187 x 250

1/2 Page

7.375” x 4.750”

187 x 121

1/3 Page

7.375” x 3.125”

187  x   79

1/4 Page

3.625” x 5.125”

92 x 130

Business Card

3.500” x 2.000”

89  x   51

(Allow 1/4” [6mm] safety along each side of gutter)


Materials: Materials must be SWOP standard and supplied as a PDF/X1-A or High Resolution JPEG.  We do not accept application files. We recommend that a high quality postscript matchprint be provided to ensure proper reproduction. All material should be sent by mail or
e-mail, FTP is available upon special request.

Production Charges: Use of special inks will incur extra cost. If material does not conform to publisher’s mechanical specifications, advertiser will be billed at actual cost for any additional handling charges incurred.

Invoices/Terms: Invoices are sent and dated upon publication. Terms are net 30. Past due accounts are charged 1.5% interest per month (18% per year). Agency commissions and discounts are forfeited on accounts due past 60 days from billing date. All terms and conditions of the rate card in effect for the issue containing the first insertion apply. In the absence of material instructions prior to ad close, ad will be picked up from a previous issue.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be received from advertisers in writing; all orders non-cancellable after closing date.

Advertising Material Extensions: Publisher cannot accept responsibility for the reproductive quality of advertising materials granted late extensions.

Correspondence concerning the CBA’s policies and operations should be directed to:
    The Colorado Bowhunter
    P.O. Box 848
    Longmont, CO  80501


Ad Sizes

Full Page
1/4 Page
1/3 Page (b&w only)
1/2 Page Top
1/2 Page Bottom
Business Card

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