Renew Membership

Renew via Mail
If we do not have a valid email address on file for you, you should receive a renewal request from us by mail. You can mail the enclosed renewal form back to us with your payment if you do not want to activate and use your online profile to renew.

If we have a valid email address on file, you should have received at least one renewal request via email. If you would rather renew by mail rather than via your online profile*, or have any problems with the online renewal process, you can download, print and fill out the membership application form.

Please send the form along with your payment to:

Colorado Bowhunters Association
PO Box 848
Longmont, CO 80502

*Be aware that renewals by mail must be processed by hand and thus will take longer to process than online renewals (which are immediate), so please be patient with us. You will receive confirmation either by email and/or US Mail when your renewal has been completed.


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