2020 Bowhunter of the Year - Craig Kimball


The CBA Bowhunter of the Year Award, is the most prestigious award presented by the Colorado Bowhunters Association, and may be the most misunderstood.  Some of this could be due to the title as it could imply that the winner had a very successful hunting season.  While bowhunting success is certainly a consideration; the award is really much, much more.

Introducing Craig Kimball

Colorado Bowhunter of the Year

Congratulations to Craig Kimball. He is the 2020 recipient of the CBA Bowhunter of the Year Award. 

These people are scored by prior Bowhunters of the Year. This is a tough award to receive. It takes years of service and you have to be a successful bowhunter. Craig surpassed the requirements in all areas and deserves this honor. 


The criteria to receive the award includes*:
  • Contributions to the CBA (serving as an officer, other CBA leadership roles, committees, seminars, and articles written for the Colorado Bowhunter); and,
  •  Involvement in bowhunting and archery outside the CBA; and,
  • Demonstration of sportsmanship; and,
  •  Success in the field with emphasis on hunting in Colorado.
    *to learn more about criteria, please click here

Mr. Kimball has exceeded the criteria above with his service to the CBA, volunteer time, leadership and success in the field. He is currently the Vice-Chairman of Operations and has previously served as South East Regional Director for over 15 years - no small task. Craig was chair of this year's banquet, which he also co-chaired in 2009.  
I was on the board with Craig for 12 years. The board can often get bogged down in discussion on a topic. When it was Craig's turn to speak, we all listened intently- as he would summarize the discussion and put us on track to a good solution. 
This is natural leadership. Craig has also served as:  

  • CBA East Area Rep 
  • CBA Jamboree Co-Chairman
  • CBA Membership Drive. The document that has caused hundreds of people to join our ranks. “Why Join the CBA”, was authored by Craig.

Craig loves both archery and bowhunting. He has given back to archery by helping develop places to shoot. He has helped beginners set up their bows and taught the sport. He was instrumental in developing two archery ranges on Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs (a static range out to 80 yards) and a 3D-field target range. Craig also played a role in the development of the Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery range. It’s the first of its kind and a model for other Colorado State Parks. 
He’s taught archery at:

  • numerous public school events in Colorado Springs
  • the Denver International Shot Show (ISE) 2004 -2018
  • numerous CBA Events at: 
    • Sportsman’s Warehouse 
    • Bass Pro 
    • Ted Nugent Colorado Kamp for Kids 2012-2013.  

He is a perennial donator of his time to the Jamboree, known for setting up and taking down multiple courses with his crew.  Thanks to these efforts, thousands of folks will be shooting these courses over the years.
Craig is an active member in many wildlife and hunting organizations; past and present. 

  • Colorado Safari Club International Member and Board Member 
  • Mule Deer Foundation - Donor  
  • Pope and Young Club
  • Colorado Springs Archers- President for 3 years 
  • National Field Archery Association
  • Colorado State Archery Association

Mr. Kimball’s success in the field could make anyone jealous.  This takes time, practice and being a student of the hunt.  In Colorado, he has harvested: 

  • Numerous Mule Deer, 
  • Whitetail Deer (all spot and stalk,
  • Numerous Elk (CBA #1 Bull in 2011), 
  • 3 Black Bears 
  • Bighorn Sheep 
  • Coyotes 
  • Turkeys
  • Numerous Pronghorn (almost all spot and stalk).  

Outside of Colorado Craig has harvested animals in: 

  • Minnesota 
  • Nebraska 
  • Iowa 
  • Missouri 
  • Texas 
  • 15 animals in the Republic of South Africa 
  • Catalina Goat 
  • Corsican Ram
  • Angora Goat.  

Of course he has hunted small game including coyotes, feral hogs and raccoons.
We congratulate Craig for all his accomplishments and earning the Bowhunter of the Year Award.  We wish all the best to Craig in his future hunts, family life, and endeavors.