2023 Colorado Bowhunter of the Year

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The CBA Bowhunter of the Year Award, is the most prestigious award presented by the Colorado Bowhunters Association, and may be the most misunderstood.  Some of this could be due to the title as it could imply that the winner had a very successful hunting season.  While bowhunting success is certainly a consideration; the award is really much, much more.

We are accepting 2023 nominations.

Bowhunter of the Year nominees shall have demonstrated a commitment to bowhunting in Colorado including but not limited to:

  • conducting public education on behalf of the CBA.
  • literary contributions to the CBA Magazine.
  • other awards received by the CBA.
  • volunteer leadership positions and special accomplishments.
  • work on behalf of bowhunting with organizations outside the CBA.
  • demonstrating ethical and professional conduct and fair chase pursuit.
  • harvesting a variety of animals in Colorado and across the United States.

If you would like to nominate a deserving bowhunter please download the nomination criteria and submission form via the CBA website.

Past Bowhuntes Of The Year Include:

Marvin Clyncke Ted Grover Lee Kline Chuck Hutton
Rodney Washburn  Lyle Willmarth Doy Curtis Dennis Hansen 
Mick Davis Gary Renfro Ron Breitsprecher  Larry O Baker 
John Rhine Conrad Dreher  David Powell Tony Seahorn 
Shari Fraker David Buttermore Dean Burke  Ronald Rockwell  
Grant Adkisson Lloyd Wood Dale Petefish Wayne Depperschmidt
Terry Bridgman Robert Radocy Kurt Keskimaki John Gardner  
Mike Dziekan David Culter Brandon Powell  Tom Behunin
Rob Musser Dean Derby Jeff Lampe Roger Trudell
Carol Ashurst Dennis Howell Paul Navarre James Gilmore
Byron Dean Rick Davis Craig Kimball  


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