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Our History

The CBA was originally formed in 1969 by a small but highly passionate and dedicated group of bow hunters. Their goal was simple; try to establish equitable big game seasons just for bow hunters. Through their individual effort, modest but improved opportunities were established with the cooperation of the Division of Wildlife (DOW), the Colorado Wildlife Commission (CWC), and the state legislature. From those humble beginnings, the CBA grew to eventually become the recognized voice for bow hunting in Colorado.

As CBA memberships grew in number, new and greater opportunities were envisioned and pursued. Success was not always a given however. Organizations opposed to hunting were equally motivated to advance their political agendas. As a consequence, CBA efforts to expand opportunities for bow hunters were often redirected toward the protection of existing privileges. It eventually became necessary to engage the professional assistance of a lobbyist in order to detect and mitigate potential threats. This political watch guard continues today and remains a costly but necessary expense.

Throughout its existence, the CBA has nurtured and refined its relationship with the DOW and CWC. The success of this on going endeavor has resulted in several key events. Most notable include invitations from the DOW to provide input to the 5-Year big game archery season structures, requests from the CWC to present an archery education seminar to its commissioners, and solicitations from the commissioners to speak at CBA Area Rep meetings. These key events are ample evidence of the mutual respect developed between our state agencies and the CBA through years of cooperation and diligent negotiation.

The CBA is first and foremost a bow hunting organization; comprised of dedicated and ethical bow hunters. Colorado archers enjoy a liberal hunting season highlighted by the fact that we have 10 big game species available to the bow hunter not including numerous small game. But the CBA is also an organization dedicated to the fulfillment of family values and camaraderie amongst members. To that end the CBA hosts several family oriented events such as its annual Jamboree, Awards Banquet, and 3-D shoots around the state. We provide state affiliated hunter safety education, college scholarships, and volunteer assistance to public television and various youth programs. Our Colorado Bowhunter news magazine is recognized for its quality of content and informative articles. Our website provides members and non-members alike, critical information on a variety of topics, a forum for open discussion, and a new medium for finding essential information in this electronic age.

The CBA promises to continue its responsibility to safe guard the privileges we enjoy today and to explore new opportunities for an ever changing tomorrow. But that responsibility demands support in the form of new and enduring memberships. If you bow hunt in Colorado and are not a member of the CBA, please consider joining now and give your fair share in protecting the privilege. As our membership grows, so will the opportunities available... this is our pledge to you the members.