Big Game Display Awards

2020/2021 Annual Banquet

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Colorado Bowhunters Association
Big Game Display Awards

To be eligible for a CBA Big Game Display Award you must be a current member of the CBA.

Qualifying entries must have been achieved with a legal hand held bow and arrow. All animals must be taken in compliance with the regulations and laws of the State of Colorado.
*Only CBA members’ trophies are accepted for awards and display at the banquet.

Eligible Colorado Big Game Animals
Black Bear, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Rocky Mountain Elk, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Whitetail Deer.

Only animals taken in the current year are eligible for awards. With the exception of cougars that haven’t yet been scored due to the required drying period. These exceptions are normally entered the following year.

*If there is a tie for one of the top 2 places, we only give 3 awards. Thus, a tie for first would result in two first place awards and one third place award. A tie for second place would result in one first place and two second place awards. Obviously, a tie for third would result in four awards – one for first, one for second, and two for third. l

To ensure the submitted animal meets “legally harvested” minimum the CBA only recognizes scores submitted by a certified Pope & Young or Boone & Crocket measurer.