Your Help Brings a Greater Voice and Bigger Impact for Colorado Bowhunters

By Matt Jackson

The CBA is looking for talented bowhunters with a passion for helping! As it’s been done for decades, over the past 18 months you have seen tremendous change and action-producing results that have positively impacted bowhunting in Colorado.

Our work is not done. We need talented people who can help make a greater impact. If you would like to have a voice for the future of Colorado bowhunting, here’s how you may help and how you can think of each role in terms of a team.


What is a Regional Director? (Coaches)

A Regional Director is a person who has connections to people and businesses. They are the spearhead of ideas and connecting people in their area. In addition, Regional Directors support and work with Area Representatives, helping to grow CBA awareness with the public by communicating with members and hosting local events when possible. There are 9 Regional Directors. If you enjoy connecting and leading a team of people with large organizations outside the CBA and are a big-picture thinker, this may be for you!


What is a Director? (Special Teams Coaches)


A Director is a person who enthusiastically likes to take ownership of ongoing and/or annual special events. Directors for the CBA include: Out of State Representatives, CBA Raffles, CBA Show Staff, Storage Area, Targets & Trailers, Business Memberships, Donations and Club Affiliates, Action Updates & Anchor Point Newsletter. If you enjoy taking ownership of projects like to have fun with other bowhunters, and have talents in the areas listed above contact us today!


What is an Area Representative? (Players)

Area Representatives are the backbone of the CBA as an organization. They provide feedback, and membership interest, and inform members of upcoming CBA activities in their area. Area representatives are connected to their local communities and help to keep members and businesses in their area engaged and informed of CBA activities and legislative actions. If you are a people person, who likes making a difference locally, this is for you!

What is CBA Working Staff? (Special Teams Players)

The CBA is looking for people with unique talents in many areas that are the backbone of the organization. If you take pride in a supporting role, helping organizations run smoothly this may be for you. The CBA is looking for help in the following areas:
  • Membership Services
  • CBA Awards Banquet
  • CBA Jamboree
  • Colorado Bowhunter Magazine
  • Magazine Advertising Director
  • Bowhunter Education
  • CBA Lifetime Memberships Coordinator
  • CBA Foundation Staff
The CBA is so fortunate to have many qualified people helping in these positions. More help means we can grow our membership larger, have larger events and raise more money for bowhunter outreach and conservation. You can make a difference while having fun! We need your help.

What is a CBA Executive? (General Managers)

CBA Executives include the Chairman, Vice-Chairman of Operations, Vice-Chairman of Public Relations, Vice-Chairman of Legislation, Vice-Chairman CPW Liaison, Treasurer, and Secretary. These positions typically require a person to have served 2 years as a Director in any capacity. If you have an executive mindset with connections to people and industry of influence and are a big-picture thinker, talk to us about being a Director today so you may serve on the executive board in the future!

Hunting in Colorado is continually being attacked. If you don’t help and take a stand, who will? Will it be your neighbor, your friend, or the person down the street? Who knows? Only you can make a difference with your effort. Don’t be so sure someone else will get involved for you. It starts with you.

While you're hunting this year, not required to wear blaze orange, shooting a bow without a let-off limitation, thinking about your next bobcat or mountain lion hunt, and enjoying the fact that 7th graders around Colorado will be able to take Hunter Education as an elective, please consider joining the team of dedicated volunteers who are making a difference for bowhunters who hunt Colorado.

Visit our Contact Us Page to get in touch to make a difference today and in the future. 

Your future self will thank you!

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