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  • Henry Ferguson, Vice Chairman, Public Relations
  • Trevon Stoltzfus, CBS Magazine, Art Director
  • Jake Kunken, Area Rep, Denver
  • Wesley Mendez, Vice Chairman, Legislative
  • Joey Brown, CPW Liaison

In the inaugural episode of The Colorado Bowhunter’s Association Podcast: The CBAs ABCs of Bowhunting co-host Henry Ferguson, Trevon Stoltzfus and Jake Kunken discuss their hunting history, involvement with the CBA and the future of the podcast. We have updates from CBA’s CPW Liaison Joey Brown and a legislative segment with volunteer lobbyist Wesley Mendez. Join the CBA today for $30 annually and get access to 6 issues to our publication the Colorado Bowhunters Association Magazine (Check out the March/April 2021 Issue Free Here)